Intramural eSports

Announcing 10 Titles!

Intramural eSports Current Offerings
Game Title
Call of Duty - Modern Warfare (2v2 Gunfight)
Fortnite (2v2 Duos)
Madden 20
MLB The Show
Mortal Kombat 11
NBA 2K20
NHL 20
Rocket League (2v2)
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate


Register now!  Registration deadline is Sunday, April 19 at 10 p.m.


Please read all of the rules for each activity.  Our staff spent a lot of time into creating the formats and rules for each title and we will not be changing any rules this semester.  We are open to suggestions for future rule edits at the end of the semester.


Those eligible to participate are:

  • Kent State University current students (all campuses - Kent and Regional)
  • Kent State University Faculty & Staff

* Everyone must have an IMLeagues Account and have access to a copy of the game to participate. You can create an account on (Please use your email address when creating)

Free Agents

If you are unable to find a playing partner in the 2 v 2 games, please join as a Free Agent and you will be paired with someone before the brackets are created.


For all questions, please contact Joshua Dietrich, Competitive Sports Coordinator at