Intramural March Madness Pick' Em

We will be having a Kent State Intramural Sports Bracket Challenge for the 2021 Men's & Women's D1 NCAA Basketball Tournaments.

Depending on the amount of entries, we could give out anywhere from 5-20 total Champ Shirts per Challenge! You could potentially win a shirt from both Bracket Challenges. We do have two versions of the IM Champ Shirt!

  • Limited to 1 bracket entry per Challenge per participant.
  • Open to anyone with a current Flash ID (student, faculty and staff)
  • All Bracket Challenges are run through ESPN Fantasy.  You must create an ESPN Account if you don't already have one.
  • All Bracket Entries must be named with your Flash ID so we can verify entries and be able to contact participants as needed.
    • On your bracket page (where you pick all of your teams), you will see a gear button next to PCT, Rank & PTS.
    • Click on that gear and change your bracket's name
    • Bracket's who don't name themselves accordingly will not be eligible for a IM Champ Shirt

Men's NCAA Bracket Challenge

  • Group Name: Kent State Intramurals
  • Password: KSUFlashes
  • Bracket entry must be completed by first tip on Friday, Mar. 19.

Women's NCAA Bracket Challenge

  • Group Name: Kent State Intramurals 2
  • Password: KSUFlashes
  • Bracket entry must be completed by first tip on Sunday, Mar. 21.

Good luck to those that enter! It's exciting to know that we are having March Madness this year!