Intramural Sports

General Information

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy as 1 - 2 - 3

  1. Sign up online or sign up in the Pro Shop of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center by completing the Team Registration Form and paying the appropriate team fee. 
  2. Create your team on IMLeagues in the same sport, league, and section that you paid for in the Pro Shop. 
  3. Manage your IMLeagues team roster! Team Captains must have the minimum number of players on the team roster by 11:59 p.m. of the day prior to your team's first game. Only those players listed on the printed IMLeagues roster will be allowed to participate. (Roster additions are only allowed during the regular season and additions must be made by 11:59 p.m. of the day prior to the game in which players wish to participate.)


Intramural sports are recreational sports, programs, and/or activities in which participants compete as teams or as individuals against other Kent State University intramural teams or individuals. Intramural sports are designed to be recreational in nature.


All intramural sports participants must have or create an account. is where team captains will create teams and where players will join their team's roster. Sport schedules, game results, standings, playoff brackets, and more are posted and available for those with KSU accounts. Remember to sign up now so that you can easily get involved and be informed about intramural sports. (Refer to the instructions that are available in the important documents tab for more information on how to sign up.)

Who can play?

Kent State University students, faculty, staff, and their spouses. To participate in intramural sports individuals must have a membership to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center or purchase a daily guest pass each time they enter the facility.

Can i be a free agent?

Individuals who are unable to create an entire team can sign up as a free agent. To sign up as a free agent visit the Pro Shop of the SRWC and pay the free agent fee. Next, create an IMLeagues account. When registration closes all individual free agents will be combined to form a team and assigned a league. We can not guarantee a free agent team will be possible for every sport.