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Introduction to Climbing

Introduction to Climbing (103000)

This clinic will provide participants with the skills necessary to climb and belay at the climbing wall. It includes two hours of lessons under the guidance of an experienced climbing instructor on our 40-foot-high indoor climbing wall. This clinic is for all climbers who wish to gain the necessary skills to climb the wall or are looking for a review. Participants will learn knot-tying, belaying techniques, rope management skills, technical equipment use and climbing commands. Participants should wear comfortable athletic clothing and athletic shoes. The belay device, carbiner, and harness will be provided at no charge.

Upon completion of clinic, participants must wait at least 24 hours to take the Safety and Skills Test.The test fee is included on the cost of the clinic.

Clinic Dates and Times

Available Dates Day Available Time Registration
Aug. 31 - Dec. 8 M or T 6 - 8 p.m. Enroll Now

Fee: Free
Minimum Age Requirement: 13 years old 
Deadline: 1 day prior