The purpose of the lap swimming registration is to monitor who uses the natatorium, maintain space capacities for safe use, and allow a use structure for students and members.

All information is subject to change

SWIMMING Registration Policies (lap pool & Leisure Pool)

  • Time frames will be 45 minutes or 1 hour 45 minute maximum (back to back sessions).
  • Registration can be done online, over the phone by calling the Pro Shop at 330-672-4732, or in person at the Pro Shop.
  • Registration for a lane and time will open 7 days before. (Example, registration for a lane/time on a Tuesday will open then Tuesday before.)
  • Space will be first come, first serve.
  • No show spaces will remain closed for use.
  • Walk-in use for an empty lane that is registered for will not be available.
  • Walk-in use for an unregistered lane is allowed after registration is complete, online, over the phone, or in person.
  • Only registered swimmers will be permitted to swim.
  • Lap swimming is restricted to 1 person per lane at a time.  Swimmers must swim in their lane only.
  • Swimmers will need to “check in” upon arrival in the Natatorium.
  • Upon check in they may head to pool deck to their assigned space.
  • All swimmers will be encouraged to come ready to swim.
  • Spaces on deck will be labeled and zones off.
    • Even lane swimmers can enter the end of the lane by the windows.  Odd lane swimmers can enter the lane closest to the Aquatics Office.
  • 1 kickboard and 1 pull buoy will be provided for use per lane.  This equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Upon their time expiring, they will be asked politely to exit the area/ head to the locker room so we can prepare for cleaning and the next group.

Other Natatorium Rules

  • Patrons must wear a mask when on the pool deck and not in the water. 
  • Leisure pool capacity is limited to 12 persons.
  • Spa capacity is limited to 2 households.
  • A 15-minute safety break for the Leisure Pool will be in effect starting at the 45 minute point each hour.
  • Swimmers will need to stay in their assigned area on the pool deck.
  • There will be limited communal equipment use.
  • Swimmers encouraged to bring their own equipment.