LTS Class Descriptions


This class is specially designed for the younger skater. Participants will sit, stand up, march forward and complete backward wiggles on the ice. Children must be four years of age before or during the scheduled session. Designed to help the preschool age skater develop preliminary coordination and strength on the ice.

Tots Practice (30-minute optional practice after each Tots session)

This is a 30-minute, optional supervised practice following the Tots session. An additional fee is charged.

The format of these classes areĀ as follows: 30 minutes of group instruction followed by 30 minutes of supervised practice.

Basic 1

A beginner class for 5 and 6-year-olds that teaches basic skills and safety.

Basic 1/2

A continuation of Basic 1. Children must be at least 7 years old. Safety fun and making the skater comfortable on the ice are the focus of this class.

Basic 3

A continuation of Basic 1/2 with an introduction to new skills. Safety fun and confidence on the ice are the focus.

Basic 4

The class develops an understanding and ability in the use of forward edges and strengthens backward skating skills.

Basic 5/6

The focus of this class is to further develop backward skating stops and advanced turns.


New skills and combination moves make this a great introduction to the Freestyle classes.

Freestyle 1

In this class skaters are introduced to elements in Freestyle and Moves in the Field.

Freestyle 2

This class continues to introduce disciplines including additional Freestyle elements Ice Dancing and more Moves in the Field.

Freestyle 3

The focus of this class continues to teach proper technique as the skaters learn more advanced jumps and spins. Additional Ice Dancing and Moves in the Field elements are introduced.

Freestyle 4

This class continues with Ice Dancing Moves in the Field and jump and spin progression.

Freestyle 5

This class continues with Ice Dancing Moves in the Field and jump and spin progression. Upon completion skaters will have a strong foundation for continued success.

Adult Level 1/2

This class covers basic skating skills with a focus on safety and confidence on the ice including the proper use of forward edges and backward skating skills.

Adult Level 3/4

This class covers advanced backward skating and turns while incorporating skills from the previous class, as well as combining skills to perform more complex moves.


Participants will learn about several types of team skating including but not limited to synchronized skating Theatre on Ice and maneuver team. Skating fundamentals will not be taught in this class; therefore participants are strongly encouraged to continue their skills classes. Skaters will have the opportunity to perform programs learned in class at events such as the holiday and/or spring exhibition and between the periods of KSU hockey games. Additionally participation in local competitions will be available. Please note that Learn to Skate USA membership costumes and competition fees are not included. Participation in activities outside of class or optional.

LTS Hockey Prep

This class teaches the fundamentals of hockey skating. The curriculum is designed to teach 5 and 6-year-olds the fundamentals of hockey skating. The use of a hockey helmet or multi-sport helmet for all beginner skaters and children 6 years of age and under is recommended. Full equipment is not permitted.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available during the practice time at the end of the group lesson. Classes are limited and arranged on an individual basis. Please contact us for more information and fees.