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Membership Cancellations

Membership Cancellations Policy

Paid-in-full memberships are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Auto-debit and payroll deduction memberships, which continue indefinitely, may be cancelled after one year with no penalties. Please provide at least 30 days notice.

Penalties apply when an auto-debit or payroll deduction membership is cancelled before one year of membership. When purchasing an auto-debit or payroll deduction membership, you are committing to a one-year contract. This contract entitles you to a discounted membership rate every month throughout the year. By breaking your contract, you are also waiving your right to the discounted rate.

If you are considering cancelling your auto-debit or payroll deduction membership before the minimum one-year agreement, please use the following formula to evaluate the actual cost of your membership:

  • Monthly rate of your category (not the auto-debit or payroll deduction rate) x Number of active months + Monthly┬áparking pass rate x Number of active months + $20 Processing fee - Amount you have already paid this year = Remaining balance (compare this to the cost of remaining active through the contract date)