Memberships & Services

Focusing on what matters

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center takes great pride in focusing on what matters. When you walk through the doors of the SRWC you are entering the cleanest, safest recreation facility in Northeast Ohio. As part of the Kent State University Department of Recreational Services, the SRWC prides itself in keeping up with industry trends. Whether it’s updating workout equipment or introducing new group exercise classes, there’s always something new happening at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Our equipment is constantly updated, cleaned and replaced. Fitness areas are closely monitored for safety. In fact, everyone who works at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, from the student employees to the administrative staff, is certified in First Aid/CPR/AED for the professional rescuer. We strive to focus on what matters to you: our patrons. Whether it’s a suggestion to improve our facility or feedback about your experience we want to hear from you! Concern Forms are available throughout our facility, or you can contact us through our website. Thank you for joining the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and giving us the opportunity to serve you. We’re glad you’re here.

Hassle-Free Memberships

From the moment you walk in, we take great strides in making you feel like a valued member. Guests can take advantage of our Quickstart program before making any commitment. While the average enrollment fee at other health clubs across the nation is $150, there is no enrollment fee at the SRWC.

Thousands of Programs

Beyond the open recreation opportunities in our facility we also offer more than 2,000 programs annually. These programs aim to be fun, interactive and beneficial to your fitness goals. With everything from fitness classes, safety certifications, community sports and adventure trips, there is something for everyone. Plus, we offer online registration for most of our programs, so signing up is easy! 

What is there to do at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center?