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NIRSA Creative Excellence Awards

The Department of Recreational Services is proud to nominate the following marketing initiatives for the 2016 NIRSA Creative Excellence Awards.

Audiovisual Promotion: PEAK Summer Camp Commercial

The goal of the PEAK 2015 promotional video was to drive registration for our PEAK summer camp program. The promotional video, along with print and electronic advertising, resulted in nine consecutive sold out weeks with waiting lists for each week.

Audiovisual Promotion: Alternative Spring Break Recap

The Alternative Spring Break video was shot entirely with a GoPro by the staff and participants of our 2015 Alternative Spring Break trip to Arkansas. The video was then edited, produced and distributed by the marketing team. The goal of the Alternative Spring Break video was to capture the spirit of this unique experience and to promote future outdoor adventure programs and trips.

Audiovisual Promotion: Bowman Cup 5K Race Recap 

The 14th Annual Bowman Cup 5K Race Recap Video features one of Kent State University's signature Homecoming events. The goal of this video was to highlight the annual race and commemorate the start of Homecoming. The video was also used to promote the following year's event.

Integrated Marketing Campaign: FlashFit MOVChallenge 

The FlashFit MOVChallenge pitted students against faculty/staff in Spring 2015. The 90-day challenge motivated individuals to meet daily and monthly movement goals. A kick off and wrap up celebration marked the start and end of the challenge. More than 400 individuals opted in and participated in the program. The marketing efforts for the program included a custom diecut hotcard, digital strategies and large-scale vinyl installations throughout the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

FlashFit MOVChallenge Design, Tactics and Photos (PDF)

Integrated Marketing Campaign: Outlast the Outbreak: They're Back

The Department of Recreational Services was proud to produce the largest, most popular late night event on campus in 2014-2015. The event design transformed the Student Recreation and Wellness Center into the final refuge for more than 1,200 students. The integrated marketing campaign included the promotional materials, T-shirt design, event decor and zombie makeup for more than 80 volunteers. The marketing strategy for this event relied heavily on social media and guerilla marketing. Students dressed as zombies invaded campus leading up to the event to distribute zombie hand custom diecut hotcards. A series of YouTube videos introduced the backstory for the experience and promoted the event. A highlight video captured the excitement and energy of the event.

Outlast the Outbreak Design, Tactics and Photos (PDF)

Comprehensive Brochure: FY 13-14 Annual Report

The Department of Recreational Services published a comprehensive annual report for fiscal year 2013-2014. The purpose of the Annual Report is to highlight the accomplishments and points of pride for the Department while tying our programs and services to student success.

FY 13-14 Annual Report (PDF)

For questions regarding these Creative Excellence Awards submissions contact:

Abby Millsaps, Marketing Coordinator
Kent State University
Recreational Services
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