PEAK Summer Camp

An additional offering to PEAK Summer Camp this year is swim lessons for those campers who request it. These lessons will be offered at no additional cost and will take place during your campers designated swim time. We plan to offer them 2-3 days per week, throughout all 9 weeks of camp!

WEEK 1: JUNE 1 – 5

"Happy Camper"
Welcome to Camp Peak, a certified happy camper area! This stargazing and fire blazing week will be filled with camping, climbing, and how to have fun in the great outdoors. Let’s hop in the RV and get going. Your adventure is waiting!
Activities: TBA

WEEK 2: JUNE 8 – 12

"A PEAK into the Cosmos"
Suit up and take a trip into outer space. From making and launching your own rockets, building your own planet, to visiting the campus planetarium, this week is full of experiences that are out of this world!
Activities: TBA

WEEK 3: JUNE 15 – 19

"PEAK World Tour"
Join us this week as we stamp our passports during our adventures around the world! With “Trips” to Italy, Spain, China and even the good ‘ole USA, we will explore games and crafts that are unique to different cultures.
Activities: TBA

WEEK 4: JUNE 22 – 26

“PEAK’s a Circus, Enjoy the Show”
Come one come all to the best carnival of all! Who doesn’t enjoy a good show? Please join us as we have a good time “clowning around” and have a fun time! There will be several crafts, games, and a carnival your camper can participate in.
Activities: TBA


WEEK 5: JULY 6 – 10

Grab your cape…or uniform, as we explore what it means to be a hero! This week we will look at comic books and beyond, to everyday heroes in society.
Activities: TBA

WEEK 6: JULY 13 – 17

"Lights, Camera, PEAK"
Does being the center of the spotlight intrigue you? This week we step into the bright lights of the world’s entertainers and host our Annual Talent Show on Thursday!
Activities: TBA

WEEK 7: JULY 20 – 24

"Happy Holidays"
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”… SUMMER! Join us as we spend the week observing different holidays celebrated throughout the year.
Activities: TBA

WEEK 8: JULY 27 – 31

"PEAK Olympics”
Tokyo is hosting the Olympic Games this summer! Since the summer games are a once in every four-year occurrence, we had to take part in it too! Our PEAK Olympians will be making crafts, playing games, and having their own taste of The Games.
Activities: TBA

WEEK 9: AUG. 3 – 7

"Aqua Adventure Week"
MARCO? Don’t be a fish out of water. Let’s grab our swimsuits and get ready to be soaked! Try to hold your breath for this wacky water week. POLO!
Activities: TBA