Program Cancellation & Facility Closures

We reserve the right to cancel programs due to insufficient enrollment. If a program is cancelled by the department for any reason, all participants will receive a full refund. If a class is cancelled, all participants will be contacted 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of class. Program dates, times, locations and instructors are subject to change. Some programs will operate on abbreviated schedules during university break periods and holidays. Schedule changes will be posted in the activity area and on our website.

All programs are cancelled anytime the Kent Campus cancels classes. For weather-related cancellations when class is in session, the decision is made, when possible, by 4 p.m. on the day of the program. Please call to find out if a game is cancelled. Most other activities and events will take place at the SRWC as scheduled even when school is closed. Please check our website for full details when applicable.

By their nature, activities that take place in outdoor settings tend to be affected by weather. In order to ensure safety and maximize the participant experience, we reserve the right to utilize comparable, alternative locations and, if necessary, to adjust start and end times. These changes, if any, will be covered in the mandatory pre-trip meetings.