Program Eligibility

Program Eligibility Policy

Most programs are open to everyone, unless otherwise noted (exceptions are intramural sports and sport clubs). SRWC members and Kent State students receive discounted rates on all programs and activities.

Please note: To receive the discounted member rate for a program, you must be a member for the duration of the program. If your facility membership expires midway through a program, you will have the option of renewing your membership or paying the additional nonmember fee.

A photo ID is required when registering for a program and all participants with passes (when applicable) must present photo ID and pass when entering each class session. Sharing of passes is not allowed.

  • Participants must be age 16 or older to participate in Group X classes.
  • Participants must be age 13 or older and have parent/legal guardian signed up to also participate in designated Instructional Program classes. 
  • In order to participate in advanced level classes, you must have taken the required prerequisites.
  • Participants cannot make up missed classes by attending other classes. Transfers to other classes are not permitted.
  • Some programs (i.e. adventure trips and intramural sports) have pre-program meetings that are required to be eligible for the activity.
  • Payment and participation in a certification course does not guarantee certification. All skills must be successfully completed in order to gain certification.
  • Participants should meet at the designated area to begin class. Classes will start promptly at the scheduled time. Participants enrolled in First Aid/CPR/AED classes or Group X classes who are more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to enter the class.
  • Participants can reserve their spot in any Group X class up to one hour before it begins by checking in at the equipment issue desk and receiving a Flash Pass. This process will continue until 10 minutes prior to the start of class. Participants can only reserve one spot per class and will be issued a pass that they must present along with the Membership ID or FLASHcard for access. Flash Pass participants should use the appropriate line when entering the studio. Interested participants who did not receive a Flash Pass can wait in the standby line for access to the class should there be additional room after all Flash Passes have been admitted.