Area Member Non-member
Multipurpose Gym $50/hour $85/hour
Sports Arena Courts (per court) $50/hour $85/hour
Full Seminar Classroom $70/hour $100/hour
Seminar Classroom A or B $45/hour $70/hour
Lap Pool (by lane) $25/hour $45/hour
Leisure Pool  $50/hour $50/hour
Studio 1 $40/hour $75/hour
Studio 2 $40/hour $75/hour
Sand Volleyball (1 Court Maximum during open hours) FREE with Membership $55/hour
Racquetball Courts FREE with Membership $30/hour
Mall  $30/hour $55/hour
Combative Studio $30/hour $50/hour
Wet Classroom $40/hour $50/hour
Combative Studio $20/hour $35/ hour
Racquetball Court Free $30/hour