Sports Arena

  • Courts may be used for volleyball, basketball, badminton, pickleball, fencing and table tennis.
  • Inappropriate/vulgar language and behavior is not permitted. Patrons may be asked to leave the facility if their behavior is deemed threatening or inappropriate.
  • Non-marking court shoes are required at all times while on hardwood floors.
  • Open recreation basketball participants will have the ability to play full-court games with the understanding that badminton (and pickleball) take priority on Court 4. Upon notification that a request for badminton is posted, the existing basketball game will be permitted to end and play one more (winner game).
  • Basketball games will be played as follows:
  1. Participants must be present to call next and claim “next game”.
  2. Losing team must exit the court.
  3. Patrons waiting for “next game” have priority over players from losing team.
  4. If the winning team gives up the court, patrons waiting for “next game” will have court priority.
  5. Patrons may only claim “next game” on one court.
  6. Games may be timed to allow more participants access to the
  7. courts.