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Does your group want to become more effective team players? Need to improve communication between co-workers? Recreational Services has just the program for you! Our teambuilding program provides adventure-challenge opportunities to help your group reach its full potential.

For more information contact Chris Lukas, Assistant Director Outdoor Adventure at (330) 672-2803 or

Types of Teambuilding


The indoor high ropes challenge course is a series of belayed activities fixed 25-feet high in the multipurpose gym. The focus of these activities can be both on the individual and the group. The group is there to support its team members as they attempt elements. This activity requires a high level of physical exertion.


The low ropes challenge course is a series of activities attached to trees or poles by boards, cables and ropes. These activities focus on building a more effective team in a fun, hands-on way. Spotting techniques are taught and needed to safely implement solutions to problems.


These adventurous activities will test an individual’s physical and mental strength as well challenge the teamwork and communication skills of the group.

  • New Games: These non-competitive group games enhance the interaction and familiarity within a group.
  • Trust Exercises: Build trusting relationships within your group with these exercises. Groups are presented a series of physical and emotional challenges, and individuals have the opportunity to place their personal safety in the hands of others.
  • Initiatives: Facilitators present groups with an initiative problem which is a physical, and often mental, challenge. The group is called on to assess the problem given, develop a plan, act on that plan, evaluate its effectiveness, refine the plan if necessary and then act on the plan again. 

Two members of a team-building exercise stack crates to make a tower



We offer different rates for university groups, non-profit organizations and corporate groups.