Teen Camp

Teen Camp is available to those campers who are entering the 7th grade and above. This camp is still park of PEAK Summer Camp, with the older aged camper group now having its own programming. Teen Camp will focus on programming and activities that are age appropriate for those campers. Don’t worry, swimming and physical activities will still be a part of their weekly schedule! We will be planning guest interactions from across campus, facility tours, educational sessions and much more!

WEEK 1: JUNE 1 – 5

"The Outdoors/Camping/Environmental Awareness"
Go green with PEAK! This week we will learn about how to have fun in the great outdoors, while also keeping them clean and healthy. Parents do not be alarmed if there is a tent in your backyard after this week.
Activities: TBA

WEEK 2: JUNE 8 – 12

"A PEAK into the Cosmos"
Suit up and take a trip into outer space. From making and launching your own rockets, building your own planet, to visiting the campus planetarium, this week is full of experiences that are out of this world!
Activities: TBA

WEEK 3: JUNE 15 – 19

“Global Citizens"
This week, we will be exploring other countries and their cultures. We will be learning about civic responsibilities, the environment, and how we can make a positive impact on the world!
Activities: TBA

WEEK 4: JUNE 22 – 26

"A PEAK into the Future”
During this week we will introduce the college lifestyle to the teens! We will show them around campus and even take them on a tour to see the residence halls and some academic buildings! This week is a chance to get the inside scoop on college life.
Activities: TBA


WEEK 5: JULY 6 – 10

"Heroes & Dreamers"
This week is all about both fictional and everyday heroes in society. We will be exploring different career paths, as well as, learning how we can be heroes in our own communities!
Activities: TBA

WEEK 6: JULY 13 – 17

"Content Creators"
What to know what goes on behind the scenes of a production? This week we step behind the curtain and use our skills to produce, direct and host our Annual Talent Show on Thursday!
Activities: TBA

WEEK 7: JULY 20 – 24

"Happy Holidays"
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”… SUMMER! Join us as we spend the week observing different holidays celebrated throughout the year.
Activities: TBA

WEEK 8: JULY 27 – 31

"PEAK’s Got Game”
Since the 2020 Olympics Games are around the corner, it’s a great week to dive into Health & Wellness! We plan on visiting the numerous Varsity Athletic Venues & speaking with the Athletic Training Team. We also intend to teach your campers how to be healthy, both physically and mentally.
Activities: TBA

WEEK 9: AUG. 3 – 7

"Water Life Week"
Welcome to the life of water! This week will be filled with crazy water experiments that will get you soaked, so be ready to impress your science teachers (maybe with a dry pair of clothes first).
Activities: TBA