Dress Code and Decency Policy

  • Shirt and shoes are required except in the locker rooms and swimming pool areas. Clean swim attire must be worn in the pools and whirlpools. Cutoff shorts, T-shirts, thong bikinis, see-through suits and unapproved footwear are prohibited in the natatorium. Patrons are asked to wear clean athletic shoes that have scuff resistant, non-marking soles in all activity areas of the facility. Closed toe shoes (no sandals) are required on the fitness floors, cardio floors, weight floor, circuit and track equipment. Patrons must remove shoes before crossing the pool deck when going to and from the outdoor patio.
  • In the interest of encouraging a positive and comfortable environment, Recreation and Wellness Services has established the following “Standard of Decency” governing patron attire while participating in programs and open recreation at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Department staff shall have the discretion to determine the appropriateness of attire and may make special exceptions for patrons in certain programs where applicable. Enforcement of this policy shall be in accordance with the policies of Kent State University.
  • Standard of Decency prohibits, but is not limited to the following:
    • Revealing or see-through clothing.
    • Exposed underwear including boxers, sports bras and bras.
    • Overly short shorts.
    • Exposed genitalia, pubic region, breasts, or buttocks.
    • Saggy pants revealing underwear or any portion of the body below the naval.
    • Clothing that is deemed unsafe to be worn with safety equipment.