RC Mini-Conference

RC Mini-Conference

Fine-Tuning Our Teaching
Monday, august 24, 2020

Below are links to all of the presentations for the mini-conference. All presentations were outstanding and very helpful. Thanks to all who contributed and participated.

Special thanks to the group who organized the event: Robin Dever (Geauga), Bryan Jones (Ashtabula) and Carol Robinson (Trumbull), with Technical Support by Clayton Gellatly (Columbiana)

  • Opening Remarks by Interim Dean David Dees: 

Video Recordinghttps://video.kent.edu/media/1_wru07v9s

  • Best General Practices for Synchronous Teaching: Online vs. On-land

DESCRIPTION: A presentation of the differences and similarities between synchronous teaching on-land and synchronous teaching remotely (such as with Blackboard Collaborate).

Tatjana Hrubik-Vulanovic (Stark)

Video Recordinghttps://video.kent.edu/media/1_eyo4ji5n

  • Best General Practices for Asynchronous Teaching 

DESCRIPTION: A presentation of what works and what doesn’t work for asynchronous online teaching.

Sarah Pierce Brown (Salem)

Video Recordinghttps://video.kent.edu/media/1_d0t6q1kj

  • Balancing Hybrid Classes: Online-Asynchronous /On-land-Synchronous

DESCRIPTION: A presentation of best practices in running a hybrid class that holds asynchronous instruction online, as well as synchronous instruction on-land.

Haithem Zourrig (Stark)

Video Recordinghttps://video.kent.edu/media/1_3zatxnv4

  • Open Digital Resources for Free/Legal Use

DESCRIPTION:  What media resources are available for remote/online instruction?

Karen Ronga (Trumbull)

Video Recordinghttps://video.kent.edu/media/1_cymhr23l

  • Meeting the Needs of Students with Special Needs: Balancing an On-land Synchronous Class to Include Students Taking the Course Remotely

DESCRIPTION: Students have the right to take a synchronously taught, on-land course via remote technology (such as Blackboard Collaborate); this presentation will discuss best practices for balancing such an act.

Amanda Feaster & Darcy McBride (SAS Kent & SAS Stark)

Video Recordinghttps://video.kent.edu/media/1_vhnoeyjn

  • Tips for Using Blackboard Collaborate & Kaltura

DESCRIPTION: A presentation on best practices for using Blackboard Collaborate (synchronous teaching) and Kaltura (asynchronous teaching).

Haiyan Zhu (East Liverpool)

Video Recordinghttps://video.kent.edu/media/1_gxfxrnga

  • Alternatives to Blackboard Collaborate & Kaltura

DESCRIPTION: A presentation on alternatives to Blackboard Collaborate, including a comparison/contrast of each (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet, MS TEAMS, Jitsi Meet, other free software, etc.), and of alternatives to Kaltura (YouTube, Movie Maker, iMovie, etc.).

Charla Martin-Bloodsaw (Salem)

Video Recordinghttps://video.kent.edu/media/1_0woe66f1

  • Using Technology with/for Assessment

DESCRIPTION: A presentation for best practices for online/remote assessment, such as real-time (synchronous) testing.

Rachael Blasiman (Salem)

Video Recordinghttps://video.kent.edu/media/1_zzzq3fhi