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As part of previous President Warren's Strategic Roadmap, Priority #1 - Students First , the Regional Campuses are beginning to use Zoom Technology in designated rooms on each campus.  This will allow us to deliver courses on various campuses, one campus hosting a course (this campus is the originator of the course) and "sending" it to other campuses.  The rooms are equipped so students and faculty can interact with each location.  

We feel this will assist students by;

  • moving toward guaranteed schedules aligned with program roadmaps;
  • allowing students to stay at their home campus for more courses;
  • delivering courses by experts in their fields;
  • providing faster time to degree completion;
  • and facilitating interaction with faculty and students across the system .

Over 10,000 schools choose Zoom!  Explore their journeys, by visiting the Zoom website, which includes how various institutions are using Zoom effectively.

What is a Zoom Room? 

Zoom Room documentation for faculty and administrators.

Zoom Room Google Drive information for the Zoom Room governance group.

Here is an example and demonstration of a Zoom Room. 

Each University can set Zoom rooms up to meet their needs.  Kent State University is using some but not all the capabilities at this time.  We will be exploring the best ways we can deliver high quality courses to serve our Regional Campus students.

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