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The Healthy Communities Research Initiative (HCRI) is focused on basic and applied research leading to discovery of processes and practices that enable all people to thrive free of preventable disease and injury, while also achieving well-being and health-related quality of life.

It bridges existing and emergent research strengths across disciplines, brings together students working with faculty, and links what is taught and learned in the classroom with its application across Northeast Ohio and around the world.

Research in the HCRI addresses some of the timeliest problems facing our communities, including addiction, aging, health care access, injury prevention, diabetes, disability, nutrition, physical activity, suicide, trauma, and violence.

Since its launch in 2017, HCRI has been guided by the principles of conducting transdisciplinary research, engaging students in experiential learning, and establishing partnerships between research and practice that build local capacity for healthy communities.

This section offers just a glimpse of the impactful research our faculty and students conduct every day here at KSU. We hope you enjoy the articles and we thank you for supporting Kent State research.

Dr. Jacqueline Curtis &
Dr. Jeff Hallam, Directors