KSU Innovations

Innovation at Kent State University is alive and well!

Our Liquid Crystal Institute is always at the forefront of invention and discovery, and we are seeing exciting developments from other areas of the University too. Faculty in our College of Podiatric Medicine, in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Aeronautics and Engineering, the Fashion School, and many other schools and colleges are busy working on new ideas and designs. It is an exciting time.

We are also working closely with Cleveland State University on a unique collaborative technology accelerator program, the TeCK Fund. This $800,000 fund is the first in Ohio to include two institutions working together to take university owned intellectual property and build and test prototypes for commercial market readiness. We will feature Kent State projects from the TeCK Fund in a future issue.

On the pages that follow, you will learn of two KSU projects which demonstrate multi-disciplinary approaches to create a distinctly Kent State brand of innovation. Biology professors with a solution to an old microscopy problem, working closely with a faculty member from our College of Education to determine what works best in a middle school biology classroom. An Exercise Physiology researcher collaborating with engineers from another university and a large, public company to develop a tool to mitigate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Universities do not operate in vacuums and at Kent State we look around Northeast Ohio, the United States, and the world to help us find answers to persistent problems.

We appreciate your support for innovation at Kent State University.

Stephen J. Roberts,
Office of Technology