Applications (Level I, II/III and determinations)

Helpful information:

Level 1 Exemption Application — Revised (9/28/20) Examples include, but are not limited to: anonymous surveys, use of existing data, certain research performed in educational settings or on typical educational processes.

Level II and III Research Application — Revised (9/28/20) Examples include but are not limited to: research conducted on human subjects that involves use of vulnerable populations, sensitive subjects, more than minimal risk for participants, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, substance abuse, use of devices and/or drugs/supplements, invasive procedures. 

Self determinations

Exempt Self Determination - Re-released (2/3/20) - Use this to obtain level I approval for educational practices conducted in educational settings, surveys, interviews (including focus groups) and educational testing of adults. Review the Level I guidance document for more information and additional exclusions. Approvals are processed by the Office of Research Compliance; there is a small possibility more information will be requested. 

IRB Review Determination Form — Use this online form (Chrome is recommended) if you are unsure whether your project requires IRB review. For your information, this WORD DOC includes the determination form. 

Clinical Trials