Applications (Level I, II/III and determinations)

Information on levels of review - review this document to learn about levels and categories of IRB review.

NEW! Common mistakes and questions - this has been newly cross posted from the IRB help page. 

Level 1 Exemption Application — Revised (12/19/19) Examples include, but are not limited to: anonymous surveys, use of existing data, certain research performed in educational settings or on typical educational processes.

Level II and III Research Application — Revised (12/20/19) Examples include but are not limited to: research conducted on human subjects that involves use of vulnerable populations, sensitive subjects, more than minimal risk for participants, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, substance abuse, use of devices and/or drugs/supplements, invasive procedures. 

Self determinations

Exempt Self Determination - Re-released (2/3/20) - Use this to obtain level I approval for educational practices conducted in educational settings, surveys, interviews (including focus groups) and educational testing of adults. Review the Level I guidance document for more information and additional exclusions. Approvals are processed by the Office of Research Compliance; there is a small possibility more information will be requested. 

IRB Review Determination Form — Use this online form (Chrome is recommended) if you are unsure whether your project requires IRB review. For your information, this PDF includes the determination review path and Qualtrics form. 

Clinical Trials