• What types of informed consent exist?
    • Investigators can seek signed informed consent, a waiver of signed consent, and waive or alter elements of informed consent.Only under certain circumstances may the IRB approve a request to waive signed consent or waive or alter the elements of informed consent. Requests must be made by the PI through the IRB application (Section 8) and supported by submitting Appendix M1 or M2.
  • Are there any additional consent requirements when working with children?
    • Yes. Generally, prior to consenting/assenting anyone under the age of 18 into a research project, investigators must seek the permission of the child’s parents/guardians through the use of a parental consent form. Assent is required of children age 12 years and younger in additional to parental permission. Assent is a child’s affirmative agreement to participate in research. Informed consent is required for children aged 13 to 18 and is required in additional to parental permissions. Please be aware that you must be in compliance with Kent State University  Policy 5-19, University Policy Regarding On-Campus Activities Involving Minors.