Legacy Forms (amendment, annual review, event reports class projects))

Submit all of these forms to researchcompliance@kent.edu

Use these forms if your IRB application was approved via the "paper process" that was used prior to Kuali being live. If your project was approved via Kuali you must file amendments, continuing reviews, and adverse events through the system. 

Amendments or Changes to Study Procedure Form — (Revised 9/28/20) All amendments and changes must be reviewed and approved by the IRB before they are implemented.  

Continuing/Annual Review Form — (Revised 9/28/20) Request continuing review and approval of a research project that involves human subjects. The IRB may approve some continuing level II studies for a three year interval.

Closeout Form—Complete this form to close out a research project.

Event Reporting - NEW (1/31/20) - use this form to report adverse or non-compliant events. Prior to completing and submitting the form, review the noncompliance and adverse events policies.

Institution Authorization Agreement Request Form — Use this form if you are requesting that either the Kent State IRB or another institution's IRB serve as the IRB of record for a multi-institutional project.

Individual Investigator Agreement  Form — Use this form if your institution does not have an IRB

Appendix N — Use of HIPAA Regulated Data 

Class Projects Parameters and Forms:

Class Projects Online Form (For your information, this PDF includes the form's questions and decision logic.)

Class Project Consent Form

Data Use and Other Agreements (Please see out Data Use Agreement FAQs)

Clinical Research SOPs

Clinical Research Standard Operating Procedures