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  • What must be included in research advertisements?
    • The IRB must approval all recruitment plans and advertisements prior to use. Please see our forms page for additional guidance and templates. In general, research advertisements must include,
      • Name of PI and contact information and institution
      • Title and purpose of the project and disclosure that project is for research
      • Inclusion/exclusion criteria in summary form
      • Brief listing or summary of procedures,
      • Time commitment
      • Potential compensation
      • Additional information – should not emphasize compensation or use catchy or enticing language or graphics.
  • May I use social media to recruit?
    • Yes. Many researchers use social media as part of their recruitment strategy. If your research recruitment plans include using social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, etc.) you must submit a description of your plans (i.e., platforms, frequency of posting, and process of corresponding), copies of the exact text (including pictures) proposed for use during recruitment. Recruitment strategies using social media platforms should, whenever possible, use the basic standards used for any other form of research recruitment. To help ensure privacy and ensure that potential participants are fully informed about the study, the IRB typically requires that initial posts on social media be more general in nature and allow users to link to a site that contains more detailed information about the study (consent form, eligibility requirements, etc).
    • The IRB does not recommend posting directly/publicly to any individual or organization’s social media account without prior authorization- such plans will be reviewed in context of the entire project.
    • To further help protect the privacy of participants, the IRB does not typically endorse the use of social media as a form of two way communication or the use of private accounts.
    • Additional Guidance  0Mtg/internet_research.pdf
  • Are recruitment templates available?
    • Yes, visit the templates section of our forms page