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Pivot - Fund Your Research

Looking for research funding?

Funding opportunities are not always easy to find, but a funding opportunity database called Pivot is freely available to all Kent State faculty and students. It can provide you with a weekly email notifying you of funding opportunities in your field of interest.

“A resource like Pivot is vital to the success of research funding, especially at a university like Kent State, that is still working to establish its reputation as a renowned research institution,” said Research Vice President Paul DiCorleto, Ph.D. “Our research efforts will be greatly bolstered if faculty are universally aware of a funding source tool like Pivot. 

Using the tool well is a key to finding the right funding opportunities, and Mark van ’t Hooft, eRA Support Analyst, said making sure faculty, staff and students know how to find what they’re looking for is vital to making Pivot a useful and successful resource. “It’s one thing to be able to use Pivot and conduct searches,” van ’t Hooft said. “It’s another to be able to vet the results you’re getting back and narrow those to something useful.” 

RASP will provide training to any Kent State faculty, staff, and students; there are also how-to videos on Pivot's YouTube Channel.

To request Pivot training, contact Mark van ’t Hooft at 330-672-1630 or mvanthoo@kent.edu


Want to get started now?

Go directly to Pivot or use the Pivot quick search tool below for a list of funding opportunities in your area of interest.