Growing R1 Status

Plans For Growing Our Reputation As An R1 Institution

The best way to improve Kent State’s position within the group of institutions designated as R1 is to increase our external (federal, state, and industry) funding and consequent expenditures. While aiming to grow the research and creative activity of Kent State faculty, there are points at which we can make strategic investments that will better position Kent State during the next determination time period. The equations used to determine Carnegie Classification of Higher Education determinations can be reverse engineered to provide approximations of where an institution might invest to improve its position within a category. 

Below are the numbers used in the 2021 categorization along with the ranking of our specific values (ranked from 1-277 with 277 being the best):  

  2021 Value 2021 Rank
Number of faculty 793 156.5
Science and Engineering expenditures 33, 929 (in thousands) 88
Non-Science and Engineering expenditures 16,378 in thousands) 187
Postdocs and research staff 20 76.5
Social Science doctorates 24 186
Humanities doctorates 19 175.5
STEM doctorates 49 122
Other doctorates 73


Three-Pronged Approach

 A three-pronged approach will be implemented with the goal of increasing the university’s external funding and resultant expenditures.

  • Concerted Fiscal Management

    • Kent State is focused on ensuring that the university spends and appropriately counts expenditures. Historically, the university gives back ~$1 million in funds each year. The primary contributor to this is failure to appropriately pay personnel via grant accounts. It is critically important to focus on ensuring funds are being spent appropriately and in a timely manner. Thus, we are hiring a sponsored programs administrator charged with working closely with business managers, PIs, and grants accounting to ensure appropriate and efficient tracking of expenditures.
  • Increasing Award Hit Rate

    • To improve Kent State’s hit rate on grants, the university is forming an Office of Research Development staffed with three individuals charged with working closely with faculty to ensure grants are of the highest caliber when submitted
  • Game Changer Pilot Funding

    • The university will announce a Game Changer Pilot funding investment this year. Whereas prior pilot funding has yet to show an appreciable impact on research funding/expenditures, RAED is providing a higher level of funding with the sole focus of increasing external awards and expenditures substantially in the next three years.
    • We have posted a summary of this efforts and listed the funded projects on the Game Changer projects page

More Information

Find more details in the letter from Douglas L. Delahanty, Ph.D. Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

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