Abstract Evaluation and Selection For Competition

  1. Clarity of the abstract. Does the abstract provide all of the information needed by the judges in order to make a selection? Is it concise and to the point?  
  2. Quality and relevance of the research, creative work. Is the work that is undertaken relevant to the current state of knowledge in the field? Is it a potentially important contribution to the field? Is it contextual? Are the conclusions supported by the results? Is the work of interest to a general audience?
  3. Creativity, originality and scientific validity. Is the work novel? Was the work carried out according to accepted and valid methods in the relevant field?
  4. Evaluation Criteria/Rubrics for Posters, Papers, and Artistic Presentations can be found below:
    Artistic Performance / presentation rubric 
    Poster/paper presentation rubric
    Professional Practice/Outreach/Engagement Rubric