Available Technologies

Here are brief descriptions of some technologies available for licensing from Kent State University, ranging in application from energy-efficient windows to 3D-printed precast concrete “form liners” for use in building. For more details about them, visit the RASP Intranet (link). To inquire about these and more technologies, contact Albert Green, Director of Technology Commercialization, amgtechconsulting@kent.edu, 330-672-0701.

KSU.302: Bi-stable switchable liquid crystal window

US Patent – 8,913,215
Applications: Interior and exterior windows for sun/heat control (buildings, greenhouses, automobile sunroofs, aircraft side windows); windows with customizable privacy settings (bathrooms, conference rooms, hospital areas). Learn more

KSU.335: Apparatus and methods for real-time multimedia network traffic management and control in wireless networks

US Patent – 8,868,725
Applications: Telecom vendors; wireless, wireline and cable network service providers, voice, video and data services; broadband access and wide area networks. Learn more

KSU. 418: Super piezoelectric composite fiber mats for power generation and soft actuators

Provisional Application – 14/051,763
Applications: Artificial muscles; heel strike generators; microphones and speakers; push buttons that use mechanical parts; traffic counters, pressure sensors and on-demand power supply. Learn more

KSU.425: Patterning of liquid crystal alignment using inkjet-printed gold nanoparticles; use to produce patterned, electro-optically addressable devices

Patent Pending – PCT/US2014/033945
Applications: Liquid crystal optical lenses; Fresnel lenses; waveguides; patterned displays. Learn more

KSU.426: Polymer-dispersed blue-phase liquid crystal films

Provisional Application – 61/839,047
Applications: Rigid and flexible substrate displays; fast-switching displays; spatial light modulators; smart windows, lenses and polarization gratings. Learn more

KSU.429: Nanosecond liquid crystalline optical modulator

Patent Pending - 14/332,502
Applications: Optical switches; light modulators and telecommunication devices; beam steering; optical shutters and LC lenses; light limiting and controlling displays; fast-switching optical displays. Learn more

KSU.430 and 452: Biocompatible smart responsive scaffold and polymer foams

Applications: Artificial muscles; tunable liquid crystal lasers, actuators and sensors. Learn more

KSU. 448: End-effector and robot workcell for automated assembly of fuel cell stacks using robotic technology

Patent Pending - 14/567,860
Applications: Automated assembly of fuel cells; automotive; batteries. Learn more

KSU.457 Mechanochemical sensing methods using DNA origami nanostructures

Applications: High-throughput sensing of multiple targets such as nucleic acids, proteins, small molecules and metal ions in the same platform; investigating affinity interactions between molecules; mechanochemical studies in biocompatible platforms using DNA nanostructures. Learn more

KSU.460: Additive formwork: 3D printed flexible formwork for precast concrete

Provisional Application – 62/001,949
Applications: 3D printed flexible “form liners” for precast concrete; fabrication of wall panels in the factory; 3D models to be used on the construction site. Learn more