Alternative Format Materials

Student Accessibility Services provides alternative formats of written course materials and makes printed materials accessible to screen readers and other devices for students with reading or visual disabilities. Examples of accessible texts include electronic versions of text (e-text), enlarged texted, Braille, and tactile images. 

SAS can provide students with an accessible version of course materials. If you have an alternative format accommodation, you may save time and money by searching for electronic books through the University Bookstore  or wherever you get your books. Redshelf and VitalSource are just two examples of sites that specialize in e-books. Bookshare  is an accessible online library for people with print disabilities. Bookshare is a free service to U.S. students who meet Bookshare's qualifications. Learning Ally is an online, fee-based subscription service that provides audio textbooks and other literature to students and veterans.

If you cannot purchase an e-text version, SAS can provide you with one. You must provide proof of purchase by uploading your receipt to Access KSU and making the necessary selections to initiate your request. All materials should be requested at least two weeks before they are needed, as it may take three weeks or longer to acquire an alternative format text.

SAS can also provide accessible versions of articles and other documents provided by your instructors. You must send these documents and a copy of your syllabus to SAS as early as possible in the semester to allow plenty of time for conversion.

Students are responsible for acquiring a screen reading program. You may choose whatever program you like. We recommend Microsoft ReadAloud (available in the Microsoft Edge browser and Microsoft Word) as well as the built-in VoiceOver feature in Mac.

Kent campus students, contact Zachary Strickler at Regional campus students, contact your regional SAS Coordinator.