Alternative-Format Materials

what are alternative-format materials?

Alternative-format materials provide students access to print materials through different methods.  Alternative-format options include, but are not limited to:

  • Large print material
  • Braille documents
  • Tactile images
  • Electronic text

role of faculty

Faculty are responsible for identifying the print materials utilized in your course, notifying SAS of the necessary materials, and/or providing printed or digital copies of the materials.  These materials may include the course textbook, syllabus, class handouts, journal articles, in-class reading assignments, etc. Due to the complexity and time consuming nature of creating alternative-format materials, it is best to provide the materials at least two weeks prior to the assigned due date.  All material and associated information should be emailed to Shannon Cowling, Assistant Director, Operations. 

Questions or concerns?

Please contact Shannon Cowling, Assistant Director, Operations at or 330-672-3611.