Attendance Modification

The attendance modification accommodation is intended to assist students with infrequent exacerbations of disability symptoms that might impact class attendance. The accommodation applies only to disability-related absences where obtaining a doctor’s note may not make sense, such as when a student with Crohn’s disease has a flare. That student may not need to see a doctor that day, but they also would not be able to provide a doctor’s excuse for the absence. The attendance modification accommodation can provide an excused absence for days missed due to a chronic condition, but it is not a substitute for attending class as often as possible. 

There may be instances where this accommodation interferes with the instructor’s ability to assess course learning outcomes, such as classes with significant in-class participation, lab activities, or other instructional content that cannot be duplicated. If your instructor contacts SAS with this concern, SAS will review the course learning outcomes and contact you via email if the accommodation is not appropriate for the course or can only be applied in limited circumstances. In those cases, students are expected to adhere to the attendance policy published in the syllabus. 

Students with this accommodation are still expected to complete the same coursework as other students. Students with this accommodation should thoroughly review the attendance modification policy and discuss the accommodation with their instructors at the start of each term.