Attendance Modification Accommodation

Information Regarding the Attendance Modification Accommodation

Students eligible for the attendance modification accommodation are responsible for understanding and upholding the attendance modification policy. Students and instructors should refer to the Administrative Policy Regarding Class Attendance and Class Absences (3 -01.2). Questions should be directed to the SAS office.


Students are expected to follow the attendance policy established by the instructor for each course. When students experience a disability that is unpredictable and episodic, they should contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to discuss appropriate accommodations. Students seeking attendance-related accommodations should schedule a Welcome Meeting and submit documentation of their disability for review. Additional information about documentation is available in the Documentation Guidelines section of the SAS website.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students must meet with the SAS office to determine eligibility for this accommodation and keep the SAS office updated about changes to their disability that may impact attendance.
  2. Students must request their course accessibility letters using Access KSU prior to or as close to the start of each semester as possible.
  3. Students should meet with their instructors to discuss all accommodations at the beginning of each semester.
  4. Students must alert instructors when absences are disability-related prior to class, when possible, or within 24 hours of missing class. Absences not related to the student’s disability are subject to the course attendance policy as outlined in the syllabus.
  5. Students are responsible for all academic requirements of the course.
  6. If SAS determines that this accommodation is not appropriate due to the nature of a course, students will be notified by email in a timely fashion. In this case, students should meet with SAS to discuss other accommodation options.

Instructor Responsibilities

  1. If attendance is intrinsic to the nature of the course, instructors should contact SAS as soon as possible upon receiving an accommodation letter with an attendance modification. Instructors are not expected to alter course outcomes. In consultation with the instructor, department chair, or dean, SAS will determine if attendance is an essential element of the course by considering course description, syllabus, methods of grading, external licensure requirements, the impact on the educational experience of the entire class, and other factors.
  2. When students with the attendance modification accommodation miss class for a disability-related reason, instructors should count the absence as excused and reasonable deadline extensions or makeup assignments should be given.
  3. If absences become problematic or if concerns arise, instructors should contact SAS.