Course Policy Flexibility (CPF) Accommodation

Eligible students whose disability interferes with their ability to meet the stated attendance, deadline, participation, or presentation expectations of a course will be assigned a Course Policy Flexibility (CPF) Accommodation. Eligibility for this accommodation will be determined through an interactive process between SAS and the student, and documentation that speaks to the severity and unpredictability of the disability may be required. Students whose disabilities may present barriers to completing coursework should discuss this accommodation with SAS as early in the semester as possible. If eligible for this accommodation, students must follow all steps of the CPF Agreement process. The course policy flexibility accommodation does not apply to non-disability-related reasons. Students should refer to the Administrative Policy Regarding Class Attendance and Class Absences (3-01.2) for non-disability-related concerns. 

Students must take the first step in this process. Your instructor cannot accommodate you before the entire process is complete, so you must begin this process as early in the semester as possible. 

Students must: 

  • Review the Course Policy Flexibility (CPF) Accommodation Policy.
  • Request the CPF accommodation on their course accessibility letters (CALs) via Access KSU
  • Review the course syllabus or speak with your instructor about expectations for the course. Identify specific assignments or requirements that may be impacted by your disability.  
  • Complete the CPF Information Form on the SAS website to describe the flexibility you think you will need. Students must complete one form per class, per term. Include specific assignment or requirement names and specific requests. For example, “I would like to request one additional day to work on Paper 2.” or “I would like to have five excused absences rather than the three already offered in the syllabus.” It is not realistic to request that all assignments be submitted at the end of the semester or to have unlimited excused absences.

Next steps:

  • SAS will share each CPF Information Form with the instructor and we will work together to determine reasonable flexibility in the course.
  • SAS will share the CPF Agreement via Kent State email within seven business days of receiving all necessary information from the student and instructor. Students and instructors are expected to follow what is listed in the completed CPF Agreement throughout the semester and contact SAS with concerns. 

If SAS or your instructor have concerns about the suggestions made, we will communicate with you via your Kent State email address. SAS will review all information and make a final determination where necessary. You will receive a completed CPF Agreement from SAS within seven business days of our office receiving all necessary information.  

If providing the requested accommodation would alter the essential learning outcomes of the course, you will be notified by Kent State email. SAS will consult with your instructor, department or program administrators, and other relevant parties to make this determination.  

If you have questions about this process or your accommodations, contact SAS at or schedule a quick question appointment. If you are a regional campus student, contact your SAS Coordinator