Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Welcome to Student Accessibility Services' Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Services. SAS  is committed to providing American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters and real-time transcribers who facilitate the academic education and goals of the deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing students we serve. 

what accommodations work best for your classes?

SAS provides different accommodations for our deaf and hard of hearing students including interpreters and real-time transcribing.  These decisions impact your education. Schedule an appointment with SAS office today to discuss your possibilities.  

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Services are available for faculty, staff, visitors, and campus events. We invite you to learn more about interpreting and real-time transcribing and ask you complete our online request form should you or your department  need accommodations.  

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Deaf or hard of hearing people communicate in different ways depending on several factors such as the amount of residual hearing, type of deafness, language skills, age deafness began, speech abilities, personality, environment, and educational background. The causes and degrees of loss vary as do the methods of communication and attitudes toward deafness. Common accommodations include sign language interpreters or real-time transcribers, assistive listening devices, priority registration, note-takers and closed captioned videos.