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Exam/Quiz Accommodations

Accommodations available

Exam accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • extended time for exams (for traditionally timed tests/quizzes)
  • reduced distraction testing environment
  • a reader to read aloud exam questions/answers
  • a scribe to transcribe a student’s dictated answers to exam questions
  • use of a CCTV to enlarge text
  • the option of providing answers in an alternative format, such as orally in place of written answers or typing answers on a word processor
  • enlarged print or BRAILLE

administering accommodations in the classroom

A student may take their exam in the classroom with accommodations, and we ask that instructors make the necessary arrangements in order to accommodate the student. For example, a reduced distraction environment (i.e. your office, an empty classroom, etc.) may need to be identified for a student, or instructors may need to make scheduling arrangements in order to provide extended time for the exam. In some cases, instructors may need to determine with the student an alternative exam/quiz date and/or time in which you, as the instructor, is available to answer any questions the student may have during the exam. 

SAS testing center

If instructors are not able to provide the testing accommodations the student is eligible for, the student may be referred to SAS for those accommodations, and/or it may be necessary for the instructor to consult with SAS regarding other possible solutions. The SAS office works with students and instructors to provide an alternative testing location that ensures integrity of the classroom testing environment as closely as possible.

Any incidents of improper test taking, as defined by the University’s Policy on Student Cheating and Plagiarism, will be handled as if the incident occurred in the classroom. If cheating is evident, the SAS proctor will stop the exam immediately and the exam will be returned the instructor with a written explanation of what occurred. It is expected that instructors hold the student accountable for their inappropriate action as the instructor would for other students.

Please note, the SAS office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.to 5 p.m. All exams/quizzes are collected prior to the office closing (4:45 p.m. during the semester and 4:30 p.m. during final exams week).

how to send exams/quizzes to sas

If the student will be taking your exam/quiz in the SAS office, you are responsible for sending a copy of the exam, including all instructions, to SAS in a timely manner and at least 24 hours prior to the exam date.  Options for exam delivery include:

  • Fax: 330-672-3763
  • Faculty member or assigned designee drop off to University Library, Suite 100, 1st floor, just past the elevators.

proctor sheet

To assist in administering exams/quizzes, SAS has created an Exam/Quiz Proctor Sheet for instructors to detail course information and specific exam instructions. 

The Proctor Sheet can be viewed and edited using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. When using this Proctor Sheet, instructors will need to enter the required information and "Save As' to attach or print when submitting the exam/quiz.

Instructors that utilize a screen reader to access information can complete a fill able form version of the Proctor Sheet. All information entered into the accessible version of the Proctor Sheet will be automatically emailed to SAS. 

How Instructors receive completed exams/quizzes from sas

Instructors can select their preferred return method (e.g. instructor pick-up from SAS, SAS scan and email to instructor's Kent State email address, SAS delivers to instructor's department) for completed exams on the Exam/Quiz Proctor Sheet. Unless the instructor specifies their preferred return method, SAS will default to delivering the completed exam/quiz to the instructor's department where it will be signed for by reception and put in the instructor's mailbox.

How to provide extended time through blackboard learn

Please review the "Tests with Extended Time" tutorial, created by the Blackboard Learn support team,  for step-by-step instructions on extending time for exams/quizzes in Blackboard Learn. 

questions or concerns?

Faculty are encouraged to contact Patti Marcum, Exam & Office Coordinator, at 330-672-3391 or at pmarcum@kent.edu.