How do I use my alternative format accommodation?

SAS coordinates the process of converting print materials into an accessible format for students eligible for the accommodation of alternative format materials. The most common types of alternative format materials include:

  • E-text (Electronic Text, including PDF and Microsoft Word documents)
  • Enlarged text
  • Braille
  • XHTML (used for converting math equations/symbols into a readable audio format)
  • Tactile imaging

Please review and follow the steps outlined below to help ensure that your materials are provided in a timely fashion. The entire alternative format policy is in the SAS Student Handbook

  1. Request your course accessibility letters.
  2. Select the classes in which you will use this accommodation and choose your books.
  3. Submit your receipts to the SAS office via email to
  4. Check your Kent State email address for a link to your materials.

SAS will make every effort to provide the format preferred by the student, but we cannot guarantee that the materials will be in the student's preferred format. Requesting your accommodations early in the semester is essential for receiving your materials on time.