Inclusive Teaching Practices

  • Include our disability accommodation statement on each syllabus, every semester. Invite students to contact you if they need disability-related accommodations.
  • Utilize the Kent State Online Blackboard template for organizing information consistently. This is helpful in both online and in-person classes. 
  • Provide due dates, readings, and course topics in your syllabus. This will allow students to manage their time, and it assists SAS in creating accessible materials in a timely manner.
  • Provide clear and concise instructions in both written and verbal formats. Allow time for clarification.
  • Incorporate visual aids and multiple teaching methods, including visual, auditory, and hands-on approaches.
  • Break large amounts of information or instructions into smaller segments. Review previous lessons and summarize periodically.
  • Provide outlines or PowerPoints when possible.
  • Allow for a short break during long class sessions. Provide time for clarification before moving on to a new topic.
  • When in doubt about how best to assist your student, ask them. To respect a student's privacy, don't discuss disability details in front of other student.