Modifying Accommodation Letter Requests in SAS Online Services

  1. To modify your accommodation letter request(s), log into SAS Online Services using your username and password information.
  2. Your accommodation letter request(s) will be displayed on the overview page of your dashboard or you may click "List Accommodations" on the left menu bar. Next, click "Modify Request"  located next to the title of the class in which you want to modify your accommodation letter. Once you have made your selection(s), click "Update Request". If you wish to cancel your accommodation letter request(s), click "Cancel Request".
  3. Please check your profile in SAS Online Services in one business day to verify that your request to modify and/or cancel your accommodation letter request(s) has been approved. Once SAS completes your request(s) your accommodation letter status will show as “approved” and, if applicable, your updated accommodation letter(s) will be emailed to you and your professor(s).
Questions or Concerns?

Please contact SAS at 330-672-3391 or by email at with questions or concerns.