Note-taker Sign Up

In-Class Peer Note-taker 

Complete the steps below if you are interested in being a peer note-taker. Note-takers are expected to upload their notes to Access KSU within 24 hours of class. Upon successful completion of a semester of sharing notes, a peer note-taker will receive $25/credit hour in FlashCash within 30 days.

Online Note-taker Application, Agreement, Course Information

  1. Go to the SAS main page and click on Access KSU
  2. Enter your Kent State FlashLine username and password
  3. Select "sign up as a notetaker" in the second box
  4. Enter your Kent State ID number. It is the nine digit number, beginning with 8.
  5. Enter your course information. Select the term and enter the Course Registration number in the box. You can find your CRN on your printable schedule in FlashLine. If everything was done correctly, the following success message should be displayed after submitting.
  6. Complete the rest of the fields to create your Access KSU profile and log in to Access KSU. You will also be routed to complete the note-taking contract if an agreement has not been signed.
Watch for a confirmation email from SAS indicating you have been assigned as the note-taker. The time frame for responses will vary. Note-takers are manually assigned typically by first come, first serve. 


Notes should be uploaded to Access KSU within 24 hours of the class meeting. Notes must be delivered twice a week (or once a week if the class meets only once a week) to SAS for the duration of the semester. Notes must be delivered to SAS before quizzes and exams. 

Students depend heavily on quality production from their note-takers in order to receive equal access in their courses. Thank you for your willingness to share your notes.