Note-Taking Assistance

what is note-taking assistance?

Students eligible for the accommodation of note-taking assistance will receive a supplemental copy of class notes generally from another student in the course. The use of this accommodation is not a substitute for class attendance and it is expected that students continue to take their own notes, to the best of their ability, during class. SAS asks instructors to notify us if comprehensive notes are available online or are made available to all students enrolled in the course. 

securing a note-taker

As mentioned, the supplemental copy of notes are provided by a student who is enrolled in the course and who serves as a “volunteer” note-taker (although in most instances a gift card is offered to the note-taker at the end of the semester). The note-taker is recruited either by the student utilizing the accommodation or with assistance provided by SAS. If the student requires assistance from SAS in locating a note-taker, SAS will email both the course instructor and the class roster detailing the job announcement. As we are in the process of identifying a note-taker, please consider making your PowerPoints accessible by hard copy or by email to the student. If a note-taker is not identified within a timely manner, SAS may also request the assistance of the instructor in locating a note-taker and/or identifying alternatives.

how are notes provided?

Once a note-taker is secured, SAS requires note-takers to provide us with copies of their notes a minimum of two times per week (dependent upon the number of class sessions). Students utilizing the note-taking accommodation receive their supplemental copy of class notes electronically by downloading the notes from their online profile. Students have also been instructed that the notes provided are only for their personal study use and are not to be shared with other individuals. 

confidentiality of the student

SAS maintains strict confidentiality in the recruitment process and does not release the name of the student requiring the note-taking assistance accommodation within the job announcement. In addition, the note-taker does not typically know the identity of the student for whom they are taking notes unless the student utilizing the accommodation secures their own note-taker.  SAS also asks instructors to keep the name of the student utilizing the note-taking accommodation confidential. 

questions or concerns?

Please email or contact the SAS office at 330-672-3391.