Notice of Accommodations

The accommodation process begins with receiving a course accessibility letter. Students are responsible for requesting their course accessibility letter each semester via Access KSU. The course accessibility letter lists accommodations the student has requested and is sent to your Kent State email address. While students are able to request their course accessibility letters at any time during the semester, accommodations are not typically applied retroactively. 

SAS recommends only providing accommodations to students for which you have received formal notification. Please refer students to SAS if they disclose accommodation needs that you have not been formally notified about.

Students are encouraged to discuss accommodations with you. However, if you receive a course accessibility letter and the student does not contact you regarding their accommodations, we recommend reaching out to the student. A brief email acknowledging you received the course accessibility letter and encouraging the student to contact you with questions or concerns about their accommodations in your class is suggested. You may want to include this email in your class records.