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Providing Accommodations

Guidelines in Providing Accommodations

These guidelines are designed to help faculty at Kent State University understand the accommodation process and their responsibilities in providing accommodations to students with disabilities. To learn more about specific disabilities and strategies to help your students, please visit the Disability Guide for Faculty.

Syllabus Statement

Faculty should include the approved disability accommodation statement in each course syllabus. SAS also recommends reviewing the accommodation statement during the first class meeting. Doing so may increase awareness of the accommodation process and the student's comfort with providing notification, as well as help to assure faculty receive timely notification for accommodation requests.

University policy 3342-3-01.3 requires that students with disabilities be provided reasonable accommodations to ensure their equal access to course content. If you have a documented disability and require accommodations, please contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester to make arrangements for necessary classroom adjustments. Please note, you must first verify your eligibility for these through Student Accessibility Services (contact 330-672-3391 or visit for more information on registration procedures).

Notification of accommodations

Students registered with SAS that are requesting accommodations should provide their instructors with an accommodation letter. The accommodation letter details the student’s requested academic accommodations, provides a description of each accommodation, and lists any necessary instructions for the faculty member. Once the student has requested their accommodation letter, and it's been approved by SAS staff, the accommodation letter will be emailed to the faculty member within 24 business hours of the student's request.

SAS recommends that students requesting accommodations provide their accommodation letter to their faculty within the first two weeks of the semester. Accommodations go into effect once the accommodation letter has been delivered to the instructor and are not expected to be applied retroactively.

If a student requests accommodations for a disability but has not provided an accommodation letter from SAS, please refer the student to our office for further assistance. However, if the disability is visible (e.g. use of a wheelchair) and the accommodation request is reasonable, it is appropriate to provide the accommodation while the student is in the process of registering with SAS.


Information concerning a student's disability should be kept confidential and only disclosed to those with a legitimate "need to know" (e.g. teaching assistant for the class). While students requesting academic accommodations must disclose to the faculty member their registration status with SAS, students are not obligated to disclose details about their disability. Additionally, the staff of SAS will not disclose the nature of a student's disability unless the student has granted written permission. Some students may choose to disclose details about their disability and we ask that faculty keep this information confidential. We recommend having accommodation and disability-related conversations or meetings in a private location (e.g. faculty member's office). Please do not discuss a student's disability or need for accommodations in front of other students.

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