Requesting Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations at KSU

If you are a student enrolled in courses at the Kent Campus, have a documented disability, and are requesting disability-related accommodations, your first step is to register with SAS. Our office engages in an interactive process with each student and reviews requests for accommodations on a case-by-case basis.

You can register with SAS at any time during the semester, but we recommend you do so prior to the start of your first semester at Kent State. In most cases, accommodations are not applied retroactively which is why we recommend completing your registration with our office early. Some accommodations (e.g. housing needs, closed-captioned videos) take additional time to put in place so please make sure to plan accordingly.

Students taking courses, including web-based courses, at a Kent State University Regional Campus must register with the SAS office at the campus you are enrolled in to be eligible for disability-related accommodations. Students enrolled at Kent State's College of Podiatric Medicine that are seeking disability-related accommodations must register with KSU-CPM's SAS office.

Please review the steps below that best match your SAS registration status. Feel free to contact us at 330-672-3391 (VP 330-968-0490) or if you have questions.

Get Connected with SAS

If you would like to meet with SAS to discuss accommodations, use the following steps:

Step 1: Schedule a Welcome Meeting using KSU Advising
  • Visit KSU Advising and log in with your FlashLine credentials.
  • Click on the Schedule Appointment button and Select Student Accessibility Services as your group.
  • Answer a few questions for details. Select your preferred day and time.
  • Indicate a reason for your appointment. If you don’t want to reveal personal details, you can simply type “appointment.”
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment. You can change your appointment up to 24 hours in advance through KSUAdvising.
  • PLEASE NOTE - If you are more than ten minutes late for your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.
  • If you need to schedule a phone appointment, schedule your appointment using KSUAdvising, then contact SAS at or 330-672-3391 or 330-968-0490 (videophone) to let us know that your appointment is by the phone.
Step 2: Complete our student application.
  • Before you meet with SAS, please tell us a little about yourself using the Access KSU student application.
  • You can also upload any documentation you have regarding your disability. Learn about SAS documentation guidelines
  • Don’t put off your Welcome Meeting because you’re unsure about documentation. Your Access Consultant will let you know what additional information is needed to determine your accommodations.
Step 3: Attend your welcome meeting.
  • You will meet with an SAS Access Consultant to talk about the barriers you experience in a college environment and to determine accommodations. Welcome meetings are typically 45-60 minutes.
  • Be ready to talk about yourself, what support you have had in the past, and what you’re concerned about in college. Someone else, like a parent, may attend with you, but only in a supportive role.
Step 4: Request your course accessibility letters.
  • Using Access KSU, you can customize your requests for each class.
  • Your professors will not receive course accessibility letters unless you request them, so be sure to request letters for every class and every semester in which you’d like to use accommodations.
Step 5: Contact SAS with any questions or concerns.


Already Connected to SAS

If you've already completed your registration with SAS and are not requesting changes to your accommodations, you can simply request your accommodation letters for your instructors in Access KSU.

Please note, there are some accommodations (i.e. E-text, attendance modifications) that have additional requirements for you to complete. Further information on these requirements can be found in SAS' policies and procedures.

Step 1 - Request your accommodation letters in Access KSU
  • If you receive academic accommodations you'll request your accommodation letters in Access KSU, which is an online tool that allows you to e-mail your accommodation letters to your instructors.
  • Your accommodation letter provides information and instructions about the accommodations you plan to use in the course.
  • In most cases, your instructors are not obligated to provide you with classroom accommodations until you provide your accommodation letter.
Step 2 - Meet with your instructors
  • Reach out to your instructors to talk about the accommodations you plan to use in their course.
  • Make sure that you are familiar with the syllabus and the course requirements so that you can address any questions or concerns you have regarding the application of your accommodations.
  • You may want to meet with your instructors during their office hours so that you don't feel rushed during the conversation and/or have access to privacy should you want to share information about your disability.
  • Please remember that you do not need to identify the nature of your disability to your instructors, but many students have found it helpful to discuss their specific learning styles with their instructors.
Step 3: Renew your accommodation letters every semester
  • You're able to quickly and easily request your accommodation letters in Access KSU for all of your upcoming semesters.
  • There are some accommodations (i.e. E-text, attendance modifications) that have additional requirements for you to complete. Further information on these requirements can be found in SAS' policies and procedures.
  • If you have concerns or need to request changes to your accommodations, you'll need to meet with an accessibility specialist in SAS. To schedule an appointment, please call the SAS office at 330-672-3391 (VP 330-968-0490).