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Scheduling, Modifying, or Cancelling Exam Appointments in SAS Online Services

  1. To schedule an exam/quiz appointment to be taken in SAS, log into SAS Online Services using your username and password information.
  2. From the left menu, under 'My Accommodations', click "Alternative Testing".  
  3. Use the drop down arrow to select the class that you want to schedule an exam/quiz appointment and click, "Schedule Exam".
  4. Next, enter the date and time of the exam/quiz appointment and select the accommodations you will use for the exam/quiz. Students can also enter important information (e.g. online exam, listening section) in the area marked 'Additional Note'. Lastly, click ''Add Exam Request". 
  5. To modify the date, time and/or accommodations requested for an exam scheduled to be taken in SAS click "Modify Exam Request" next to the exam you want to modify. Next, make the necessary changes to your exam/quiz request and click "Update Exam Request".  
  6. To cancel an exam/quiz scheduled to be taken at SAS, click "Cancel Request" next to the exam/quiz you want to cancel.

Please note:

  • All exams/quizzes should be taken at the same date and time that the class takes the exam/quiz, unless you receive permission from your professor to take the exam/quiz on a different date and/or time. SAS requires verification of this permission from your professor. 
  • All exam/quiz appointments must be scheduled at least three business days in advance using SAS Online Services.
  • SAS collects exams/quizzes 15 minutes prior to closing during the academic year and 30 minutes prior to closing during final exams week. Student should schedule exam/quiz appointments accordingly. 
Questions or Concerns?

Please contact SAS at 330-672-3391 or by email at with questions or concerns.