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Transportation and Parking

PARTA Campus Bus Service:

Kent State University has contracted with PARTA (Portage Area Regional Transit Authority) to provide on-campus bus transportation services to students at the Kent Campus. There are a number of fixed routes that students can use to navigate the campus. Students presenting their FLASHcard can access the on-campus bus service and all other PARTA buses in Portage County at no cost. For more information about busing routes, please visit the Campus Bus Service webpage.

SATS (Student Accessibility Transportation Services):

SATS is a door-to-door bus transportation service provided for students with disabilities that may need assistance navigating the campus. SATS is part of the Campus Bus Service, and is provided at no cost to eligible students while on. You can learn more about SATS by visiting the Campus Bus Services webpage, or by contacting PARTA at 330-672-7433.

SATS is committed to assisting students with their transportation needs. Please be aware that SATS has a no-show procedure for riders that schedule transport but do not use it and/or do not cancel the transport. Further detail about the SATS no-show procedure is listed below.

  • For SATS, the definition of a no-show is a passenger who schedules a ride with SATS and does not take the ride or does not cancel it. Please note, the return trip of the missed ride is canceled.
  • SATS may suspend service for a semester in cases where an SAS-approved individual establishes a pattern or practice of non-canceled scheduled trips. Before suspending service, the following actions will be taken:
    • Five no-shows within the semester will result in a written warning sent to the rider's Kent State email address. SAS will be notified of the warning.
    • Seven no-shows within the semester will result in a second written warning sent to the rider's Kent State email address. SAS will be notified of the second warning.
    • Ten no-shows within the semester will result in the loss of subscription service for the reminder of the semester. Notification will be sent to the rider's Kent State email address indicating the suspension dates and SAS will be notified of the suspension. The loss of subscription services does not mean the loss of the use of SATS. An individual who has lost subscription service can utilize SATS on an as-needed basis by contacting the PARTA Scheduling Department at 330-678-1287 a minimum of twenty-five minutes prior to the desired trip time.

Students with disabilities requesting SATS must register with our office. Eligibility for SATS is determined on a case-by-case basis. For more information on SAS registration procedures and documentation guidelines, please visit the Requesting Accommodations section of our website.

Disability Parking:

Students requesting disability parking permits must contact Parking and Transit Services for further information regarding disability permits at Kent State University. You can contact Parking and Transit Services at 330-672-4432 or by email at