What is a welcome meeting?

A welcome meeting is a student's first meeting with SAS and is typically 45-60 minutes. You will meet with an SAS access consultant to talk about yourself, your disability, what support you've had in the past, and what accommodations you think are needed in college. Your access consultant will give you details about your rights and responsibilities as an SAS student, including using Access KSU to request course accessibility letters for your faculty.

To prepare for your welcome meeting, consider the following questions:

  • What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?
  • What disability symptoms do you experience on a daily basis? Do your symptoms change?
  • Have you had accommodations in the past? This could be from an IEP or 504 Plan from your high school or accommodations from another college. What worked, and what didn't?
  • What parts of higher education are most exciting for you? What parts are you worried about?

Someone else, like a parent, may attend with you, but only in a supportive role. This is your chance to tell us everything we need to know to find the right accommodations for you.

Before your meeting, complete our Access KSU application. This information will help us tailor your welcome meeting to your needs. If you're better at expressing yourself through written language, take this opportunity to give us details about yourself.

Schedule your welcome meeting using KSU Advising. If you need to have your welcome meeting by phone, schedule the appointment using KSU Advising, and then email SAS at sas@kent.edu to give us the best phone number to call you.

If your preferred method of communication is ASL, schedule your welcome meeting with Shannon Cowling. The meeting can be in-person or using videophone (330-968-0490). If you need transcribing during the welcome meeting, please type your request in the notes section of KSU Advising.