Systems Development and Innovations | Information Services | Kent State University

Systems Development and Innovations

An essential element to our university, Systems Development Services is responsible for designing, developing, and testing new and innovative software applications that are used extensively by the KSU community each day—from finding your way around campus to utilizing dynamic task lists to ensure on-time graduation.

Process Evaluation and Improvement

The Application Rationalization Team is responsible for supporting the Kent State Application Technology Refresh Initiative (an effort to keep pace with rapidly changing technology that involves moving several applications from dated technology to sustainable platforms) and supporting and maintaining the .NET applications and CRIS Administration.
The Business Systems Analyst Team works closely with the functional areas and technical teams to ensure project requirements are met. The team also provides services to help departments evaluate current processes and identify areas for improvement.
The CRM Analyst Team is responsible for CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) configuration and maintenance, as well as third party production administration in the CRM.
The Data Management Team is responsible for the integration of multiple data sources and systems.
Director, Holly Slocum
Senior Project Manager, Shelley Sherwin

System Development Services

The SDS department consists of multiple teams that provide software development and project management services to various areas of the university, while also developing and supporting enterprise platforms that provide online solutions for all users at the university.

The Drupal team manages development and support services for the platform that runs the website and all its sub-sites, as well as the FlashLine user portal that serves all students, staff, and faculty. The platform development teams develop custom business solutions for various units within the university as well as the university-at-large. Aligning with the Agile methodology, these teams iteratively execute web and mobile solutions that go through UX prototyping, development, testing, usability assessments, deployment and production support, using full stack platforms that accelerate the solution process.

Team Rapid Applications and Mobile, Project Manager, Mike Papania
Team RADForce, Project Manager, Dawn Sharnsky
Drupal Team, Team Leader, Scott Stillisano
Platform Administration, Team Leader, Altai Otgonyin