Requirements for the Criminology & Justice Studies Minor

The goals of the Program are to provide all Criminology and Justice Studies students with a broad understanding of the functions, roles, and critical issues within all of the components of criminal, juvenile, and civil justice. We seek to equip students with the necessary knowledge, insight, and sensitivity to occupy positions in public and private criminal justice agencies and to encourage further professional development and graduate education.

For additional program information, please see the academic advisor (or undergraduate program coordinator for Criminology and Justice Studies). Students are strongly encouraged to seek advising.


Core Required Classes (3 hours each):

  • CRIM 12000 Intro to Justice Studies      
  • CRIM 22300 Police Role, or CRIM 26701 Corrections                          
  • CRIM 26704 Issues in Law and Society                           
  • CRIM 36702 Criminology                          

Plus 9 hours of Criminology and Justice Studies Upper-Division Electives (CRIM 30000 or 40000 level) and 3 hours of Additional Criminology and Justice Studies or Paralegal Studies Upper-Division Electives (CRIM or PLST, 30000 or 40000 level) for a Minimum Total 24 Credit Hours.

Note that CRIM 45093, CRIM 45096, CRIM 46792 and PLST 36792 cannot be used for the upper division hours. 

  • Students must maintain a Minimum Minor GPA of 2.000, and must complete at least two upper-division (30000 or 40000 level) courses in the minor at Kent State on a graded basis (A-F). No coursework in the minor may be taken Pass-Fail.