Section Officers

Section Officers: 2021-2022

Chair: Donna McAlpine, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2023
Past Chair: Tony Brown, Rice University, 2023
Chair Elect: Eric R. Wright, Georgia State University, 2023
Secretary-Treasurer: Bianca Manago, Vanderbilt University, 2023
Council Member-at-Large: Matthew Grace, Hamilton College, 2023
Nominations Committee Chair: Patricia Louie, University of Washington, 2024
Publications Committee Chair: Joseph D. Wolfe, University of Alabama-Birmingham, 2023
Membership Committee Chair: Brittany Hearne, University of Arkansas, 2023
Awards Committee Chair: Michael Hughes, Virginia Tech, 2024
Student Member: Mercedes Tarasovich, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2023
Section Journal Editor: Alex E. Bierman, University of Calgary and Scott Schieman, University of Toronto
Newsletter Editor: Teresa Scheid, University of North Carolina – Charlotte